Dad Didn’t Want To Dance, But His Daughter Insisted. His Next Move? Hilarious!

I can only imagine what it would be like to be raised by a professional comedian for a dad. My guess is that it would be nonstop fun.

But what about life’s important milestones—and especially the religious ones? Would a comedian dad become like any other father and celebrate the occasion in a slightly distant, proud-papa kind of way?

Well the video below should settle this debate.

When Jessica turned 12, it was time for the young Jewish girl to mark her coming of age as a woman and celebrate her Bat Mitzvah. Surrounded by all of her friends and family, she started off the dance party portion of the event with her dad, comedian Mike Hanley.

The two take the center of the floor and dance an adorable father-daughter slow dance together. But when the music suddenly stops, it looks like dad has had enough. Jessica isn’t having it, though. And all it takes is a little taunting from the 12-year-old to rile her dad up—and it’s on! The father and daughter go toe to toe in a epic dance battle…

I have to say, Jessica has her father’s comedy genes. These two are hilarious and once you see their moves, you’ll know why this video has racked up more than 15 million views on YouTube.

[Source: Youtube]

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