Dad Competes In Exhausting Triathlon, But Notice What He's Pulling Behind Him...

 For those of us sitting on a couch, merrily munching down on that post-work snack, the idea of a triathlon seems unbearable. Meet the father-son duo putting us average couch-potatoes to shame. Jeff Agar and his son, Johnny, have completed six marathons together and train every day for the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Though Johnny has cerebral palsy, it doesn’t stop him from giving it his all.
Jeff pulls Johnny on a chariot for the biking and running portions of the triathlon and tows a boat carrying his son during the swimming portion. A professional trainer coaches Jeff not only to finish the race, but also to finish the race with 150-pounds in tow. “He is just the biggest inspiration to me, because you wouldn’t necessarily think of a kid who has cerebral palsy, which is what I have, being able to participate in a triathlon of that magnitude, with some of the best athletes in the world,” Johnny Agar said. “He is willing to pull me and push me in the race for 140.6 miles so I get to know the feeling of what it feels like to cross the finish line.”
 Johnny plans to walk the last mile during the upcoming triathlon. Jeff really puts it into perspective, telling interviewers that the physical strain of the single mile in Johnny’s condition is like competing during the entire event. When the duo started doing marathons, Johnny was only able to take a couple steps. Pushing his limits, Johnny really believes he’ll be able to complete the entire mile this time around. Johnny and Jeff show off their progress in a recent Instagram post. The caption read, “So pumped that I was able to do 0.65 of a mile last night in my fastest time ever training to finish @ironmantriKona’s last mile in my walker!”
 Johnny’s enthusiasm is contagious and encourages others around him to push themselves to do their best. His motivation to be the best version of himself is inspiring to those around him.  “He is constantly cheering for people as we go along,” Jeff says. “We get people who want to run with us just because of the cheering that they get from Johnny.”

Watch the video below to learn more about their story.
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