Dad Calls His Son A "Loser" In Public. When A Stranger Overheard, He Did Something Unexpected

Raise your hand if you’ve ever made a mistake before in your life. If you currently don’t have your hand raised, you’re a big liarEveryone’s made a mistake before in their life. In fact, making mistakes is a part of what makes us human.
As parents, we should embrace any time our children make mistakes as an opportunity to teach them a lesson. Nothing positive can come out of punishing our children for making a mistake. One dad was about to learn that through an act of kindness from a random stranger.
A man walked into an ice cream store one day to find a strange scenario. A father was refusing to buy his son ice cream after scolding him for his poor performance in a baseball game earlier that day. The man was stunned. Although it might have been out of place to say something, he couldn’t just stand back and watch this happen to an innocent child. Watch what the man in yellow decides to do…
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