Dad Asks Her To Sing A Classic Song On Camera, Never Anticipated THIS Response!

 Some kids are just too cute to handle, and little Josie is one of those kids At 23-months-old, she already knows that she has an impressive vocal prowess. Just watch her sing a beautiful rendition of the ever popular nursery rhyme “Old MacDonald Had a Farm!”
In the video below, her father, Eric, requests little Josie to sing the children’s classic for him. She willing obliges. Gripping her toy tightly in her hand, she starts to sing. Instantly, I could feel my heart warm and a smile come across my face as this little girl is simply too adorable.
It’s immediately evident that Josie has a knack for singing, and it’s obvious that she loves all animals. I wish to see more of this sweetheart soon.
Watch Josie’s incredible performance below, but be sure to watch her incredible finish at the end!
[Source: Youtube]

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