Could Next Season Of Game Of Thrones See Stark Incest?

 If you think Game of Thrones has been lacking in the shock department since the Red Wedding, you may want to think again.

With the revelation that Jon and Sansa aren’t half-siblings, fans are having some pretty unholy ideas about the duo.

As it turns out, the last series of Game of Thrones confirmed the fan theory of R+L=J, meaning Jon is actually the son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen.

Jon and Sansa, then, are not brother and sister but cousins, and fans have been speculating whether the two could get, erm, closer as a result.

 During the Game of Thrones panel at San Diego Comic-Con, a fan asked Sophie Turner if Jon and Sansa might end up together, the Daily Star reports.

Sophie, who plays the oldest living Stark, said: “Jon likes redheads, but Jon and Sansa have grown up together, they’re basically siblings.”

But that didn’t stop Jaime and Cersei from getting down and dirty.

Luckily, GoT writer DB Weiss, said that a Sansa and Jon marriage hadn’t crossed their minds until then.

And it doesn’t look like Sophie would be too keen on the idea, either, telling show producers: “If you make anything happen, I will kill you.”

I think most of us can agree that a Sansa/Jon marriage would just be unnatural.

So will S+J=Love? Well, here’s to hoping the fans at Comic-Con didn’t give the GoT producers any ideas…

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