Cop Turns Dashboard Camera On. Then He Pulls Out A Blanket And Does The Unthinkable

Officer Dan Templeton from Elk Grove, California, was on his way to work when he spotted a frantic couple driving alongside his squad car. His gut told him something was amiss, so he had the distressed couple pull into a parking lot. What happened next can only be described as incredible.
Turning on his dashboard camera, Officer Templeton stepped out of his car and approached the couple. There, he learned that a woman named Vanessa was about to give birth. While this is typically a scenario that the paramedics and fire department deal with, Officer Templeton knew the couple couldn’t’ wait that long. The baby wasn’t breathing and his head was completely blue.
The officer took it upon himself to help the couple. He grabbed a blanket and threw it on the concrete. Then, he proceeded to help Vanessa deliver the newborn baby himself.
In the video below, Office Templeton visits the hospital to reunite with Vanessa and her family. He also gets a chance to meet baby Jesiah, whose life he helped save with his quick thinking.
The most surprising part about this story is the fact that the police department doesn’t train officers to deliver a baby. Instead, it Office Templeton learned from witnessing the birth of his two sons. He says, “You get choked up, especially because I have kids. The first thing I wanted to do was tell my wife, who works here as well. We both teared up a little bit.”
[Source: Youtube]

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