Classmates Line Up To Honor Their Friend Who Passed Away. Now Watch What They Do To Her Casket

 Meet Laura Hillier. She was a high school student known for her love of theater before leukemia tragically took her life away. Although her death was tragic, her classmates, family, and friends decided to do something very special in order to celebrate her life.
 This wasn’t the first that Laura had been diagnosed with cancer. She was first diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia when she was 13 years old. She possessed a strong will to survive and she was able to beat her cancer the first time around.
 Unfortunately, her cancer returned in May 2015. Laura, however, wouldn’t give up and in July 2015, she was able to be cancer-free for a second time!
 The cancer returned for a third time on November 2015. Things looked bleak, but then Laura and her family received a pleasant surprise. A bone marrow donor had been found for Laura that met all the medical requirements — there was still hope. In a tragic turn of events though, doctors were unable to find a room suitable to perform the transplant. Even with a donor in place, Laura would have to wait several months before the transplant could be done.
 Laura kept on fighting and refused to give up. The cancer, however, was too much and on January 20th, 2016, Laura passed away. Her best friend Rebecca, posted the following message on Facebook,
“This was the last time I saw Laura. The entire visit, she never stopped smiling. I know it was destiny that I met her because she is the one who helped me get to where I am today. Laura, you said to us that life is a song. I promise to never stop singing yours.
 Although her funeral was a sad event, everyone who came to honor Laura’s life decided to each write a heartfelt note to her on her casket.
 Laura’s “yearbook casket” became filled with message from all her loved ones. Although Laura may no longer be with us, she’ll never ever be forgotten by those who’s lives she touched.

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