City Refused To Help A Poor, Dying Eagle. Now Watch What One Soldier Does In Response.

Seventy feet in the air, an eagle hung totally helpless and left to live out a terrible fate. It had inexplicably become stuck in a rope tangled up on a tree branch, where it was squawking for help. That’s where veteran Jason Galvin noticed it.

He and his wife immediately called the authorities in Rush City, Minnesota, where the incident took place. But the authorities said that saving the life of the poor eagle was outside of their jurisdiction. That’s when Jason chose to take matters into his own hands.

Jason couldn’t just watch the eagle die there, so he asked for permission to shoot down the branch that the eagle was tethered to. The city gave him the required permit and the veteran sharp shooter set to work. Two hours and 150 shots later, the eagle was free. Fantastic!

[Source: Youtube]

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