Celine Dion Sings On Stage For The Military - Her Performance Gave Me Goosbumps

While aboard the USS Harry S. Truman, Celine Dion gave a stunning performance as she honored the men and women in our military. She sings “God Bless America,” and her performance is so captivating that the audience is left in tears as the power of voice strikes an emotional chord.
Celine Dion was invited to perform on CBS’s “Rockin’ for the U.S.A.: A National Tribute to the U.S. Military.” While she is Canadian, the fact that she’s not American-born doesn’t stop her from paying tribute to all the services members who risked their lives to fight for our freedom. Needless to say, Celine didn’t disappoint at all. She brought down the house with her vocals, and some celebrities even join her on stage.
“God Bless America” was written in 1918 by Irving Berlin, and it was later revised by him in 1938. Since it’s creation, it has been used in many patriotic performances.
[Source: Youtube]

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