Bullies Wouldn't Stop Teasing Her At School, But Wait Until You See What Her Dad Does...

Bullying has reached new heights in America. It’s starting to happen at young ages.Even elementary school students are bullying one another! The invention of social media and texting has helped these issues spread like wildfire, and it’s easier now to bully someone than ever before.
Back when we were younger, regardless of if we were victims of bullying or not, it ended at the end of the school day. We were free from bullies the moment we left school because there was no way for them to contact or hurt us. But in today’s world, we’re so connected that children and others are bombarded constantly, regardless of where they are.
The father in the video below was heartbroken when his adorable daughter told him that she was a victim of bullying at school. Yearning to do something, this dad was inspired to tell his daughter how much he loves them via a song. He wrote a poem about just how amazing they are!
The poem eventually transformed into a hip hop rap song, and the entire family is cast in it. It’s title “Love Yourself.” Fitting, right?
[Source: Youtube]

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