Boy Wasn't Supposed To Live Past 2-Years-Old. 30 Years Later, Doctors Are In Complete Disbelief

 When Chad Cloward was told that his son, Dallan, wouldn’t live past 2 years old, he never expected that 30 years later, Dallan would still be in his life
“I love watching Dallan continue to defy the odds,” Chad said.
 Dallan was born with a disorder called Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome, which causes him to experience delayed growth and intellectual abilities.
Dallan is unable to speak well or walk far, and he only weighs 55 pounds. “One of his true miracles was he learned to walk at age 14 — almost all kids with this syndrome don’t ever even sit up,” said Chad.
Now that his son is preparing to turn 30 in August, his father decided to plan 30 activities for them to do together, which would all lead up to his birthday on August 12th.
“It was important for me to do something special for him to mark the accomplishments he’s made in his life so far and all he’s done for me, too,” he said.
Chad was able to come up with some ideas on his own but then went to Facebook to try to find more ideas.
Hundreds of people were touched by the amazing father-son story and offered up creative ideas.
 They started their activities on June 27, when they drove from their home in Scottsdale, Arizona, all the way to the Grand Canyon.
Then they went to Chad’s alma mater at Utah’s Snow College and rode four-wheelers around.
After that, the two rode roller coasters and then took a train ride in Utah, where they travelled through the Heber Valley and Provo Canyon.
“For Dallan, it’s all about just having fun,” Chad said.
 The adventures are only just beginning, though up to this point, Dallan’s favorite activity has been their visit to the National Ability Center in Park City. There, he was able to ride an adaptive bike– which was a dream of his for a long time.
Their next plans include a trip to Disneyland, a journey in an ultralight plane, and a visit to Mexico.
Because Dallan is a big fan of music, his father decided to make a reservation at a Mexican restaurant with live music all night– and a beautiful view right next to the oceanfront.
“I have no idea how long I have left with him,” said Chad. “So I’m just trying to make the most of it.”

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