This Boy Saw A Sick Girl On The Jumbotron. What He Did Next Had The Entire Crowd In Awe.

Nine-year-old Keaton Hamin is a rock star when it comes to caring about others. When he was at the Winnepeg Jets hockey game he was the lucky recipient of a signed hockey stick… every kid’s dream come true!

While he was holding his new prized possession, Keaton noticed a girl with a shaved head had come down to see the stick for herself. Her name was Alyx Delaloye and she was bald due to a battle with Leukemia. Alyx made her way back up to her seats after checking out Keaton’s awesome new stick.

But then something incredible was caught on camera.

Young Keaton ran after Alyx and gave her the stick he just won! Then, when Keaton was back at his lower-level seats, Alyx walked down and gave him a huge hug. It was truly one of the most innocent and precious moments caught on live TV I’ve ever seen!

Here’s our takeaway: It’s far more rewarding to give than to receive. Be like young Keaton, who saw a girl in need and decided to make her smile by giving her a simple gift.

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