Baby Only Eats Green Beans When Dad Does THIS. When Mom Saw Why, She Burst Out Laughing

It’s no secret that many children and babies highly dislike eating vegetables. While veggies are indeed healthy and provide great nutritional value, they are far too young to understand the importance. Instead, children and babies are more interested in eating what tastes good and yummy. But then we stumbled upon this video of a little baby who actually enjoys eating his vegetables. There’s just one catch, though. He only eats his veggies when Dad sings to him!
In the video below, watch a wonderful (and vocally-talented!) Dad sing a special “Green Bean” song to his little baby. The baby only eats the green beans whenever Dad sings.
At first, the baby sits in his highchair, but when he sees Dad’s spoonful of green beans, he’s disinterested. Then, Dad starts to sing a song he cleverly wrote. “Green on beans… green on your soul, and I’ll be your friend. I’ll feed you vegetables!” The baby’s eyes light up as he hears the beautifully-crafted song, and he immediately opens his mouth to eat. It’s a hilarious version of “Lean On Me,” and I couldn’t help but feel my heart warm while watching this.
[Source: Youtube]

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