He Starts Singing "Purple Rain," But Look At His Hands When The Camera Pans Out. WHOA!

A few years back when the "King of All Media" Howard Stern celebrated his 60th birthday, tons of his celebrity friends came out to help him celebrate. There were a lot of amazing performances that night, but one shone through in particular. Adam Levine, who you probably know from Maroon 5 or The Voice, wanted to do something special for Stern so he took to the stage to perform one of the most legendary songs of all time, Prince's "Purple Rain."

Levine is mostly known as a vocalist, but when he takes center stage in this performance, you realize the full breadth of his talents. Not only can he sing, he can also play the heck out of a guitar. At 3:45 in the video, he takes on one of the most notoriously difficult solos in music and he absolutely shreds it. Sure, Prince does it better (he's Prince after all) but Levine does a version worthy of the tribute.

After Prince passed away, The Howard Stern Show decided to release this footage of the performance so that everyone could enjoy it. Prince has inspired countless musicians, including Levine, who told People about Prince's influence on his own career as a musician. This performance is a beautiful tribute to Prince, so be sure to enjoy it and SHARE it with the music lovers in your life.

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