A Choir Teacher Walks Down The Hall, But She Breaks Down In Tears When She Hears THIS

Ms. Watson is a beloved teacher who has had a profound impact on each student who has had the pleasure of being in her class. To thank her for her influence and impact on their lives, former students surprise her in the most touching way.
In the video below, Ms. Watson think she’s being interviewed, but in reality, she’s about to be surprised by her former students. As she walks through the school’s hallways, her former students begin to fill the halls. Her students had heard that she was having health issues, so they banded together for an impromptu class reunion. Together, her former students sing “Amazing Grace” as Ms. Watson walks through the hallways.
Touched by the gesture, Ms. Watson falls to her floor in tears of joy. She’s truly moved and touched by the students’ singing. Through their singing, Ms. Watson realizes how much she has influenced their lives. She wanted to be a teacher in order to help the younger generation achieve their dreams and aspirations, and she’s done just that with these group of former students.
[Source: Youtube]

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