94-yr-old pranks entire dance competition, crowd goes wild, and she ends up winning the whole thing!

94-year-old Mathilda “Tilly” Klein has been swinging on the dance floor since the early 40’s. She danced her way through the swing era and never has slowed down.
In the video below, we find Mathilda and her dance partner Danny Maloney taking the floor together for what must be the thousandth time.
The duo walked out on the dance floor to “Singing In The Rain” as Mathilda shuffled along with her walker out front. As they make their way to center stage, Mathilda’s steps slowly gain confidence until the hilarious and wonderful moment she ditches her walker and charmed the audience to no end. They performed the incredibly difficult “Fast Step” that few in their youth can duplicate.
“I just love the feel of it. It keeps me alive,” she said, adding that she’s been dancing all her life.
Watch her incredible performance and wonderful spirit below!
[Source: Youtube]

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