He Didn't Have A Can Opener, But When He Does THIS To Get It Open. I Had No Idea!

 Even sticky situations are stress-free with the solutions he came up using one single household item. With it we eat ice cream, cereal, and soup, but it also has the ability to save the day, and it is a spoon. Just a regular spoon has the ability to do much more than what we may have originally thought. Perhaps the can-opener is misplaced, or you may be far away on a camping trip and forgot to bring it, as long as you have a spoon - no problem. In the video below he demonstrates how to easily open a can with a metal spoon.

But that's certainly not all that can be done with this handy utensil. If you're needing to peel off an egg shell from a hard boiled egg, safe time by opening it with a spoon rather than picking away piece by piece. The same idea goes with a kiwi because when you use a spoon to take off the outside, you're left with beautiful results.

As helpful as spoons are, it's easy to depend on them. But if you ever find yourself without one, watch what to do in the video below, it is something you won't want to miss.

[Source: Youtube]

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