4 Bikers Safeguard This Child's House, But Watch What They Do When They Turn Around

How many times have we heard the saying, “never judge a book by its cover?” It’s one of the oldest sayings, and I can remember hearing it ever since I was a young child. Yet, despite hearing it over times, there are always instances where I find myself breaking this cardinal rule. It’s hard to not let your assumptions and common stereotypes affect your judgment, but there’s a reason why such a saying exists in our culture. It’s because it’s true. People, regardless of their appearance, beliefs, and background, will surprise you in good ways.
The bikers that form Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) are great examples of this. On the outside, they look like rugged, tough bikers who can come off intimidating, but deep down, they are loving, gentle souls who are determined to save abused children. In the video below, four bikers – Badd Bob, Blade, Hammer, and Doc P – join the hosts of “Emotional Mojo” to discuss their organization and their mission.
Their mission is noble and inspiring. These bikers act as protective figures for abused children. For instance, many BACA members will pick an abused child up from the bus stop, stand guard outside their house until they feel safe, and even accompany the child into the courtroom. They do whatever it takes to help a child feel comfortable, safe, and secure.
This is a wonderful reminder to always assume the best out of people. Don’t judge them for their looks!
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