2 Horses Are Trapped In A Wildfire. But Keep Your Eyes On The Big, White Pickup Truck...

Most of us learn from an early age that fire isn’t anything to play with. Seriously, one of the first things we’re warned about is touching a hot stove or playing with matches.

As a result, we’re taught to stay away from fire, and to call the appropriate people to handle it when necessary. Unfortunately, however, fire isn’t always containable — especially when fires break out in nature.

Recently, a massive fire swept through Lake Isabella, CA’s, Squirrel Valley. Due to high winds, the fire became uncontrollable very quickly, which left people and animals in the surrounding areas feeling helpless.

During the fire, nearly 200 homes were damaged, and much of the area was destroyed. However, thanks to a team of kind people, two beautiful horses were able to escape the fire without being hurt.

After spotting the horses roaming around in the area, two drivers decided to stop and help bring the horses to safety. Although the horses were reluctant at first, they eventually allowed the people to help them escape harm.

Although humans and horses can’t speak the same language, these horses are probably saying thank you in their own special way. Sometimes a little kindness can really make a huge difference. Thank goodness there are still some truly amazing people out there in the world!
[Source: Youtube]

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