2 Dads Adopt Mom’s Newborn. 14 Years Later, He Sends Her THIS Message Onstage...

Any singer will tell you: many performances can be hard to finish, if they are emotionally driven.

Sometimes, performers burst in tears, and struggle to finish a song. Other times, the tears will drive them to sing louder, and this is how they shine on the stage. Those in the audience often can feel this emotion, and maybe shed a tear or two themselves.

When we come across a performer who makes us feel emotions we didn’t think we could experience, it’s hard not to remember them. One of those singers is a 14-year-old named Campbell Walker-Fields.

The teen took the America’s Got Talent stage full of hopes and dreams, but had an uncommon goal: for his birth mother to hear the words of the song he was to sing, and hopefully understand the message.

Campbell may not have been the perfect singer, but his emotional journey resonates in his performance. He is the adopted son of two dads, who came into his life after his birth mother decided she couldn’t take care of a fourth child.

The boy has never met his mom — he doesn’t even know where she is — but that doesn’t factor in how he feels about her.

Now, watch thew clip to see the teen’s emotional performance that, while it didn’t get him into the next round, earned him a standing ovation from the audience.
[Source: Youtube]

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