14 tiny houses that make simple living stylish

These small houses will really make you question whether you need all that space.

The recent tiny house movement appeals to people because it is an economical, but also sustainable and minimal way to live. Many people choose to take their home into their own hands and build these tiny dwellings themselves.

Gaze at these examples of homeowners' personal tiny homes for real-life success stories of creative ways to live small in style. They might even inspire you to build your own tiny house, or at least live more simply.

1. This trailer-turned-tiny-house near Boise, Idaho.

 2. This tiny home that was converted from a school bus.

 3. Redaction House in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

 4. This tiny beach house.

 5. Williams Cabin in Durango, Colorado.

 6. This small cabin in Pend Oreille County in Washington.

 7. Sol Duc Cabin in Olympic Peninsula, WA.

 8. This little house with wings.

 9. O-S House in Racine, Wisconsin.

 10. Innermost House in Northern California.

 11. This old bus that was turned into a psychedelic mini-home.

 12. This timber-framed cabin in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

 13. Stacked Cabin in Muscoda, Wisconsin.

 14. Gulf Islands Cabin in the San Juan Islands in Washington.

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