A 13 Year-Old Boy Saves The Situation When The Driver Passes Out

The clip shows a bus driver who lost consciousness while driving. This incident happened in Milton WA.What makes my heart skip a bit is the big number of children the bus was carrying. The surveillance camera shows how the forty three year-old driver passed out while twelve students began panicking.

Jeremy Wiuitschick a thirteen year old boy realized that something wrong had happened to the driver and he decided to save the situation. He stepped behind the wheel and controlled the bus. I actually clapped when I saw this boy getting into action. He saved the lives of all the children who were in the bus.

Jeremy told the reporters that he did not want to die in that situation and he had to do something. He turned the bus to the road side, took the key out of the ignition and the bus slowed down and requested for a student to call 911.Jeremy and his fellow student tried to do the chest comprehension on the driver.

Minutes later, the school administrator arrives and he also tried CPR on the bus driver. The police ushered the kids out of the bus and took the driver to the hospital. At the end Jeremy is considered a hero and he ends up learning CPR.

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