11 Cats Who Have Miniature Versions That Look Just Like Them

 Even for our feline friends, the apple often doesn’t fall far from the tree. And if you’re up for some cuteness overload, these parent-child portraits will make your heart melt a thousand times over. Buckle in and prepare to have your day made!
Reaching for the stars.

 Nap time with dad.

 Now it’s my turn!

 How’d you get up there!?

 Nothing brings family together quite like mother-daughter yoga sessions!

 You’ve cat to be kitten me! These two are like a mirrored image.

 Now that’s one beautiful family!

 They look more like siblings than parent-offspring.

 He hasn’t quite perfected his mother’s glare, but he’s working on it!

 They’re both comfortable.

 Time to snuggle and sleep!

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