Women Photobombed 'By Same Man' In Plane Selfies Taken Two Years Apart

 It seems nobody can get on a plane these days without taking an obligatory 'selfie' (eugh, I hate that word so much).

Sharon Haak was looking back at her holiday snaps when she noticed a 'familiar' looking lad 'photobombing' her and her two pals from a few seats behind.

Turns out she'd taken a similar photo on a flight from Newcastle to Palma two years earlier and 'the same man' was in the background of that image too. Well, so she claims anyway. We'll let you decide for yourselves...
Personally, I think they've lost their minds.

She told Mirror Online: "I was looking through photos on Saturday night and realised that both photos were similar, then I looked closely at the photo bomber and became a little freaked out!" IT'S A DIFFERENT PERSON!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?

"I posted it on Facebook in case I was imagining it and had a lot of comments from people remarking how weird/strange/freaky/bizarre/odd the photos were and that it looks like the same lad!" ANYONE COMMENTING AND AGREEING MUST HAVE BEEN SMASHED.

"We've looked at them for hours and he is certainly very similar, it's very bizarre!" NOPE.

What do you think? Is it even the same guy? If both of you could reveal yourselves, that would be great.

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