Woman Sent Picture Of Person Hacking Her Gets Huge Surprise

 In a world where hackers seem to be finding it easier and easier to access all our most private information, you can never really be too careful online.
Hackers day-in day-out are finding new ways to get into our social media accounts, meaning our personal information is constantly at risk.
Usually though, creating a tricky password can be enough to deter many, but sometimes it’s simply not enough.
So, one clever tech user decided to set up a feature on her laptop which would set off the camera if the password was entered incorrectly three times or more. So, when disaster did inevitably strike she’d catch the culprit red-handed.

Sure enough, one day she received a message to her phone telling her someone was trying to get onto her laptop.
But, who was the guilty party? Well…
My laptop is set up to take a picture after 3 incorrect password attempts
Turns out it was her pet cat and to be honest she couldn’t look anymore guilty if she tried.
What you’ve got to wonder is, what illicit stuff was she trying to find online? I guess we will just never know.
Imgur user pigeonkitty said:
         It’s sorta weird, but for my job I sometimes have to work at home and I was issued a USB thing that puts me on the clock and also does that. I plugged it into my laptop to clock in and then left for a bit because my boss wanted some journals scanned, so then kitty made her move.

 Good work Hackercat- we salute you.

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