When The Whole Family Couldn't Sleep, Mom And Son Did THIS In The Kitchen - Amazing!

We’ve all been there. It’s late at night, and you can’t go to sleep. Most of us will toss and turn, maybe get up, maybe get some warm sleepytime tea, or maybe eat a midnight snack. This man and his mother would rather cut a rug ‘til they’re ready to sleep.
He looks like your average guy, and she looks like your average elderly woman. When the video starts, they’re completely still, ready to spring into action. As soon as the beat drops, my jaw drops. It’s hard to tell who’s more into it, him or his grandmother. Both of them move smoothly in time to the catchy tune, and soon they’ve got their family into it as well. The woman momentarily breaks her concentration to tell her audience, “This is what you do when you can’t sleep, b*tches!” This video will definitely make you smile.
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