This Is the Best Way to Escape When Trapped Inside a Sinking Car

Getting to safety at crucial times during emergency situations can spell the difference between life and death. And when you find yourself trapped inside a sinking vehicle, this is the best way to get out of it alive.

With heavy rains pouring in many parts of the world each year, around 400 people in the US alone when they find themselves in trapped inside their submerged vehicles as flood waters rush in. According to experts, the first minute is critical and you need to get out of the vehicle immediately once your car hits the water.

In the video demonstration, the best way out is through the front seat window, since some vehicles have rear windows that don’t go all the way down. As soon as you hit the water, take your seat belt off and roll the windows down. You’ll have a 30-second window to escape before your vehicle is totally submerged.

This piece of information may prove invaluable and may save lives someday.

[Source: Youtube]

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