Wembley Was Half Empty For Rihanna's London Show

RIhanna is currently on a countrywide tour playing the biggest venues we have on our shores.
On Friday Ri Ri stopped by London to play Wembley stadium to a shed load of people.
Except it was still half empty.

While this looks a little embarrassing it's worth remembering that the floor in front of the stage was still rammed with people who happily paid over £50 for a ticket.
Metro were at the gig and reported that many were probably simply just at the bar rather than sitting in their seats that are about 100 ft from the stage, which is understandable.

Bizarrely, The Wembley site shows that seats were sold out, with standing tickets at £75 and seated tickets £99. Who pays £25 more to sit in a plastic chair rather than stand at the front where you can actually see the person you've gone to see rather than having to watch on the big screen?!
Whatever, it looked fun. And she played 'Bitch Better Have My Money' so that's the only thing that matters.
Lead Image Credit: Twitter

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