We Now Know If We Can Buy Magic Stars In Great Britain

You'd think people concerns about Britain deciding to leave the European Union would lean towards jobs, travel and the economy.

But for the political layman, there's only one concern: the fact that Magic Stars are not allowed to be sold out of the EU.

Here's the viral tweet:

It says: 'Product should not be sold outside of the EU.'

But it turns out the whole thing's a bloody hoax. This isn't a packet of Milky Way Stars. It's a packet of Magic Stars-flavoured hot chocolate powder.
The tweeter, Ben, spoke to the Guardian back in May, telling them he didn't expect the joke to be taken as seriously as it was.

"It's actually a bag of Magic Stars Hot Chocolate," he said. "A distinction I didn't bother to make clear because it was an off-hand tweet late at night whilst studying, and who'd even see the tweet?

"My tweets generally don't attract that much attention and I've never really been that fussed about it, but it was bizarre watching it unfold during the day and provided some amusement during revision."

Magic Stars are here to stay (unlike Britain in the EU). Do not panic.

If you need extra back-up then look at this journalist's tweet, who contacted Mars to get a confirmation.

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