VIDEO: These Cops Get Destroyed In Tug Of War. But Wait Until The Camera Pans To The Right. HA HA!

Because of all the anti-police sentiment that has been sweeping the nation today, it can be hard for some people to see how much good police officers really do for our communities and how much they help build communities in and around our areas.

Our lives would be very different without them, and remembering how important they are to the overall function of society is crucial.  That’s why videos like this area great because they help remind people of exactly that.
If you walked into a field and saw one end of of this rope you would think that the five policemen on the other end of the rope are really struggling with some big problem, but in reality they are strengthening and building the community around them.

The cops are playing a hard game of tug o war with the children in their community, and they were put up against quite the battle.

The kids are hyped for the tug o war game, and are suiting up to completely and utterly crush the police officers.  You can see that the officers are a bit nervous of loosing too, as they are questioning their stance and flexing their muscles to gain some morale before entering the battle.

A stranger also then walks by in front of camera and says, “kids will win in a landslide”.  Is her right?  You need to watch till the end to really figure it out.

The police officers certainly get some confidence and all start reassuring each other that they will be completely fine, and that there is nothing to worry about when looking at all the kids lined up to pull them down.

In just 10 quick seconds, the kids are able to pull down the police officers without even trying.  What a quick game!

After they finish the tug o war, the officers tell all the kids to shake hands, and then the video ends.

It is so great to see people engaging in activities like this that build communities and help people live healthier, happier lives.   Looks like the Denver Police Department certainly has the right idea in their books on how to keep their city running nicely.

Since the video has been posted on June 21, it has been shared over 1,500 times and has been spread all over the web because people are so happy to see a different sentiment like this being publicly displayed.

These types of videos are not only important for people living in communities affected by violence and anti-police sentiment, but also by officers themselves.  In fact, it is estimated that police confidence is the lowest it has been in over 22 years, which is really saying something for the way that officers are treated in the communities they work hard to serve in many cases.

If you want to see the heart warming video for yourself, check it out below and let us know if you have seen any great community service done by police in your area in the comments!

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