VIDEO: Simon Wrote Him Off Before He Even Walked On Stage. But When He Opens His Mouth? UTTER SHOCK

One Long Island native has captured the hearts of America when he stepped onto the America’s Got Talent stage. Sal Valentinetti is the kind of guy you’d expect to meet in Long Island. He’s of Italian heritage, has dark slicked back hair, dark eyes, and a tough guy New York accent.

Although he looks like a brute New Yorker, Sal’s singing voice is anything but. As you’ll hear in the clip below, he was able to capture not only the hearts of the judges on AGT, but every viewer as well.

In the clip below, you’ll witness Sal’s confidence and bravado as he sings “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. As you’ll see, Sal sings the tune in a way that would have made Sinatra himself stand for applause. It is free of bells and whistles and just focuses on his high-quality voice. This is a must-see for any fan of good music.

If you turn on AGT these days, it seems like everyone is trying to be everything all at the same time. They sing, they dance, and they look attractive. But if someone is trying to do everything, they usually compromise on the quality of what’s really important – the music.
Sal’s performance takes it back a few decades. It’s just a man on the stage with a microphone and his voice. Nothing else is required for him to blow you out of your seat.
As the man sings “My Way,” you can see the look on every one of the judge’s faces. They’re simply blown away. Even stuffy Simon Cowell admitted that he could tell that Sal felt the Sinatra style of music in his soul. It comes from deep inside this young Long Island native.
But little did this amazing performer expect all of the judges to agree. And when Heidi gave him the Golden Buzzer, he was floored.

“This is the first day of the rest of my life,” Sal exclaimed during the gold confetti shower.

While Sal is only 20-years-old, he talks about music and love like a man much older than himself. He fell in love with the Dean Martin-style music when his grandmother introduced him to it. When she passed, the music was the only thing he had to remember her by. As he talks about the romantic Italian values, you can see the women in the audience and on the judges table eating it up.

“As a matter of fact, I didn’t come here to try out,” Sal says, “I came here to win.”

Even that confidence impresses Cowell.
He drops the small talk and starts singing at the 1:30-mark in the video.
Viewers like you are super impressed:
“he’s got an amazing voice and not only that, but an amazing gift for entertaining too. i was smiling and giggling for the entire show,” a viewer shared.
“The spirit of old blue eyes is alive and well.  This guy has charisma and heart.  I d pay  good money to hear him in concert,” Abono de Toros wrote.

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