VIDEO: She Was Riding Her Bike When A Biker Gang Rolls Up. What Happens Next? I AM IN TEARS!

Instead of playing with dresses and dolls like all the other girls in her class, 7-year-old Audrianna was different. And at that age being different means you have to deal with bulliesand their constant threats.
She found fun in dirtbikes and jeans. She loved being outside and feeling the breeze go through her hair as she rode her bikes. When it came down to it, she was a tomboy.
This drew a lot of attention from school bullies. But when the Punishers biker club heard about it, they stepped in to shut those bullies up.
If you don’t know them, the Punishers biker club includes police officer, military personnel, fire fighters, and first responders. Basically they’re tough guys and gals with soft hearts – especially for fellow bike fans who are getting bullied.
Because the biker group is used to dedicating their lives to others, it was easy for them to step up and help Audrianna stand up to her bullies.
When the biker gang showed up at the first grader’s doorstep, they surprised her. Then they offered her a ride to school – it was a dream come true for the little biker.
Not only did they ride her to school, they gave the little girl a cool helmet and a custom vest. She hopped right on the bike and rode to school in style.
When the Punishers pulled their growling bikes up to the school and Audrianna jumped off, the bullies’ jaws hit the floor.

Because of the Punishers biker club, she was the cool kid at school now.

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