VIDEO: His Job Is To Transport Patient To And From Surgery. But What A Camera Catches Him Doing? WOW

Anyone who has ever needed to get surgeries, treatments, to prolonged stays at the hospital understands this: it is a lonely and scary process.
But thanks to one patient transporter, the hospital stay is a little brighter. Lindon Beckfrod is the man responsible for chauffeuring patients in and out of surgery and treatment. But though he is shy by nature, he does something every day that makes the hospital stay much better for these patients.
Lindon soothes and calms his many patients with his beautiful singing voice. He doesn’t discriminate and offers his extra service to any patient who could benefit.
For example, 63-year-old Vera Vicentini found herself in the hospital after being diagnosed with a massive brain tumor. But things got much better for her when she realized that Lindon was going to be part of the team taking care of her.

When Lindon showed up to trolley Vicentini in for her MRI, she was thrilled.

“He’s not just a man that transports us. He makes us happy. He makes our day bright,” Vera told STAT News. She remembered the encounter fondly.
Far too often the bad news and events in hospitals out-weight the good. So by singing to his patients, Lindon is able to spread a little joy in a place filled with so much sickness and pain.
Every week, Lindon transports hundreds of patients to and from their treatments and surgeries.
He has taken it upon himself to help brighten the lives of the people he comes across. But this is not something Lindon started recently, he’s being bringing some sunshine to the hospital every day since he started working there in 1985.

At first, Lindon just sang to himself as he walked through the cold and sterile hallways. It was a way for him to deal with all the suffering he had to witness every day.

But soon enough his patients started to notice. Then they started singing along with Lindon. Now Lindon has gained a reputation and some national fame for his amazing voice and positive attitude. His patients adore him.
As you’ll hear in the video below, Lindon really does bring joy to the hospital with his soothing voice.
Music has a magical way of comforting us in times of need. And Lindon brings that happiness with him every time he works with his patients.
Watch the video report from STAT below. You’ll get to see Lindon in action and see just how much joy he does bring to his sick patients.
Lindon Beckford is employed as a patient transporter at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts.
This man has taken it upon himself to bring love and light to those who need it most. He really is an amazing human being.
This is what other viewers had to say about Lindon’s positive attitude:
  • “He is a Angel ! very very nice Guy !!”
  • “What a beautiful soul..” Laura Johnston wrote.
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