VIDEO: Every Time He Grills He Pours Water On The Top Of The Propane Tank. The Reason Why? WHO KNEW?

Many people who own gas grills are familiar with the dreadful situation of coming home with some nice delicious patties for burgers, turning on the grill, and realizing that it won’t work because you are out of gas.
This is not only a common problem, but can also be a very embarrassing problem as well if you have guests over and you can’t even grill the food for the night.
Luckily, there is a simple trick that you can use to make sure you never run out of propane ever again.
Many of us have grills that use propane as the main source of fuel, however this can pose a problem to people who have tanks or grills that do not have a propane gauge on the side.
If there is no propane gauge, how do you know when you need to go to the store and refill your tank?  Well, you can’t really!
That’s why you should follow these few steps next time you are planning an outdoor barbecue or function and check to make sure your grill is up to par.
To check your propane, simply boil a pot of water, and bring it out to your tank.  Pour the water all around your tank, letting it drip down the sides and touch all the surfaces.
Then, use your hand and feel around the tank.  If an area of the tank is hot, that means it has been warmed up by the water and there is nothing to cool it down, meaning there is no propane in that level of the tank.
If the tank is relatively cool at a particular level, that means there is a liquid absorbing the heat from the boiled water, meaning there is propane at that level in the tank.
Now, you will never run out of propane again because you will be able to check how much your tank has left!
Many people want to be masters of the grill and think that you need to be a chef to use one right, but in reality there are just many simple tips and tricks like this one that make grilling a whole new experience.
If you are not too keen on pouring hot water over your grill, another simple solution is to have an extra, untapped propane tank on hand at all times so that you will never run out.
Comments under the video also mentioned other solutions, such as weighing your tank to determine how much gas is in there.  A full tank weighs much more than an empty tank, and since you are dealing with a closed system, you can figure out the percent weight that the current tank has over your freshly filled tank to figure out the percentage of gas that is left inside.
If you want to see a demonstration on using the hot water trick to determine how much propane you have left, you can watch it below and let us know if you have any quick grill hacks in the comments!
[Source: Youtube]

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