Two Men Insult American Troops In Public, But They Never Expected A Woman To Do THIS

 (I am working late at my video store. Two customers enter, bad mouthing the military. As I prepare to suggest they keep it to themselves, one of the customers in the store beats me to it; a little 4′ 9″ woman I know to be a regular. She plants herself in front of the louder of the two guys, sticks out her hands and challenges them both.)
Woman: “Do you actually know anyone in the military, or have you ever been in the military?”
Large Guy: *mumbles something* “…not that desperate for money…” *mumbles*
Woman: “Well my husband is a Marine, so you shut up!”
(She kicks him in the knee. He screams and leaves, taking his buddy with him. As I make my way to speak with her, the only other customer in the store, a big bear of a guy, introduces himself to her.)
Other Customer: “Hi, I’m a former Navy Seal. I was on my way to take him apart, but I liked your way better!”

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