They Wanted to Be Travel Journalists, So They Built This! Wait Until You See Inside!

Jenna and Guill were a couple with serious wanderlust. They wanted to be travel writers and see the world, but neither of them had jobs (or a home) that would facilitate the lifestyle they craved. So what did they do? They changed their lifestyle! After learning about the world of tiny houses, the couple decided to build their own tiny house that they could travel the world in. A year later, Jenna and Guill have this 20-foot-long masterpiece of a home. Watch the video below to check out what they built for their new lives!

[Source: Youtube]

Since spring of 2015, the couple has traveled from the Florida Keys, all the way up to Alaska, with their tiny home in tow all the way!

In their tiny home, they have a “great room,” which acts as the living room and office space. Our favorite part? The chalkboard that folds out into a coffee table!

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For TV, they have a projector and a screen for outdoor movie night – movies under the stars? Yes, please.

Best of all is the “staircase” leading up to the bedroom loft. What the couple uses as stairs is a bunch of crates and shelves which – while they do lead safely up to the bedroom – also serve as the closet, pantry, and excess storage space. Talk about using your space wisely!

Best of all, this couple has finally found a way to live the life they want in a house that suits their needs, proving once again that tiny houses can have some hugely amazing results.

[Source: Youtube]

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