Ticketmaster Are Giving Away Free Tickets After Monumental F*ck Up

 If you have an account with Ticketmaster, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve been dicked over by them somewhere along the line with those extortionate service charges. 

Well, it’s payback time, as they’re now having to dish out free tickets millions of users around the world. Okay, they may be free shows you paid for already, but still, free shows. Yay!
 Just in case you were a bit out of the loop and wondering what the hell is going on, Ticketmaster have recently been embroiled in a massive lawsuit – a $400 million (£278m) lawsuit, to be precise.

Essentially, anyone who’s bought tickets between 1999 and 2013 may well find that they have either free or discounted tickets waiting in their accounts, because of its ridiculous overcharges, Gawker reports.

This comes after a class-action lawsuit, Schlesinger vs Ticketmaster, was brought over ‘deceptive’ descriptions of the company’s service fees, the Daily Mail reports.
As well as this, the entertainment company also has to cough up $42m (£29m) worth of discount codes on an annual basis for the next four years.

However, just to give you a quick heads up, these free tickets are only available for events at venues operated by Live Nation and only for events chosen at ‘Live Nation’s sole discretion.’
Me, I’ve got zero free tickets. But you? You might have more than that.

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