This Ridiculous Jeremy Clarkson Video Got Better Reviews Than Top Gear

 To say the new Top Gear reboot has had a few issues would be a bit of an understatement.
Rumours of fall-outs between presenters and bosses, accusations of bullying by new host Chris Evans, and a social media backlash about his fellow hosts.
That was all before the show even went live a couple of weeks back to piss poor ratings and unanimously bad reviews across the board. So this latest bit of news will just rub salt in the wound.
James May decided to upload a short clip to his YouTube channel ‘JM’s unemployment tube’ of Jeremy Clarkson trying to assemble a DHL flat-pack box.
[Source: Youtube]
That’s literally it.
No explosions, no stupidity, no cars. Just Clarkson showing his ineptitude of putting a box together, but this video is apparently still receiving much better reviews than the Top Gear revamp.
And on that bombshell…

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