This Looks Like An Ordinary Cat. But Look Closely - This Cat Has An Inspiring Secret

Patrick Corr and his cat, Stevie, have a wonderful relationship. The two have been through so many experiences together. They have grown to love each other and are best friends. More importantly, the two have taught each other life lessons that they will never forget.
But Stevie is not your ordinary cat. Stevie is blind, and as a result, he relives on Patrick for not only his basic needs but for love, care, and guidance as well. Stevie’s trust in Patrick is undeniable, and you can see that in the video below.
In it, the two go on a wild adventure – they attempt to climb a mountain together. This is a huge challenge for anyone without sight, but Patrick patiently walks side-by-side with his beloved companion up the steep hill.
Although there were slight bumps along the way, Stevie and Patrick never gave up. The video that Patrick has created is a touching tribute to his cat because Stevie has taught Patrick a valuable life lesson – to never give up. Stevie shows that no matter how many times you fall, you always can pick yourself back up.
Life’s an uphill battle. It can be difficult at times, but if you make friends along the way, you’ll eventually make it to the top and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.
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