This Guy Turned His Girlfriend's Dog-Chewed Shoe Into An Amazing Heel

This is Alan Padziński and his girlfriend, Jagoda.

 They live with their 2-year-old dog, Caliph, in Przemyśl, Poland.

 “He’s smart,” said Padziński. “So when he knows he’s inside ‘illegally,’ he hides and tries to remain unnoticed.”

About two weeks ago, Caliph unfortunately chewed up a pair of Jagoda’s heels when the couple left the door to the wardrobe room open.

 “I heard a loud shriek and found her crying in the wardrobe, holding the torn shoes in her hands,” said Padziński.


Fortunately for Jagoda, Padziński is a full-time blacksmith. He learned blacksmithing from his stepfather as a teenager and assured his distraught girlfriend that he could restore them.

“She didn’t believe it at first, but I knew I could do it,” he said.

Padziński hammered away on rough draft designs until he created a style that worked for a shoe.

 “I drew from my experience in armor-making and detailing, added a touch of medieval architecture,” he said.

 Jagoda was totally shocked when she first saw the finished shoes, said Padziński.

“She was stunned at first,” he said. “Imagine the surprise of seeing something chewed into tatters made shiny and neat.”

His girlfriend, who is a big fan of fantasy armor designs, totally loved the shoe.

[Source: Youtube]

Padziński is working on recreating the other shoe in between his other blacksmithing work.

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