This Genius Mom Uses Pool Noodles for So Many Things

You know those pool noodles that you use for floating around the swimming pool? There are a lot of other creative ways that you can use them as well. Check out these smart pool noodle hacks!

1. They can be used as plant pot fillers so that you don't have to use as much soil.
 2. They can be great for putting on hangers to avoid creases in your trousers.
 3. You can use them to create a floating cooler for those days at the pool.
 4. Or, you can wrap two pool noodles in fabric to create something that will stop those cold breezes under the door.
 5. This allows you to pour water directly into the bucket when cleaning without making a mess.
 6. These noodles can support flowers that might otherwise flop over.
 7. What about using cut out pool noodles as stylish napkin holders?
 8. Save your toes from getting stubbed on the bed frame!
 9. A piece of pool noodle can also stop your car door from getting scratched in a small garage.
 10. These pool noodles are also perfect for holding the shape of boots when they are not being worn.

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