This Baby Panda Snuck Out Of His Bed. Now Watch What Happens When His Mom Catches Him. LOL!

Have you ever had difficulty putting your children to bed? As it turns out, humans are not the only creatures on earth that face this problem! Employees of the Taipei Zoo, located in Taipei, Taiwan caught on tape evidence that humans and animals are not all that different when it comes to parenting styles.

The Taipei Zoo, also known as the “Muzha Zoo”, is arguably the most famous zoological garden in all of Taiwan, known for being a leader both conservation and recreation, as well as research and education. In 1914, it was established as a private zoological garden in the northern suburbs of Taiwan and later purchased by the Japanese government to be turned into a public park.

Thousands of people travel to the Taipei Zoo to pay a visit to the Zoo’s giant panda, Yuan Yuan, as well to visit her newborn offspring that has yet to be named.

Staff of the zoo caught on tape a cute and silly scene that proves that humans are not the only species that have trouble putting their children to bed.

The video captures Yuan Yuan’s offspring breaking out of where it had been put it to bed, and then wanders around the Taipei Zoo. The adorable young panda wobbles around the zoo until it stumbles into it’s mother, who appears to be very displeased to find that her baby is not in bed.

Like any mother, she walks her baby back to bed and holds it closely until it falls asleep. This heartwarming video serves to prove that when it comes to family, humans and animals aren’t all that different.

[Source: Youtube]

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