Things You Probably Didn't Know About Orange Is The New Black

30 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Orange Is The New Black
 3. The episode title is always stated or seen at some point in every episode.

 4. Samira Wiley (Poussey) doesn’t speak German in real life and spent a lot of time working with a voice coach and shouting things around her apartment to prepare for her character’s flashback scenes.
 5. Franziska, Poussey’s German girlfriend, is played by Nina Rausch, who is actually German and also played Gudrun, the Campbells’ partner from “Mad Men” Season 3.
 6. The second season of "Orange Is the New Black" was released the same day as the film adaptation of “The Fault in Our Stars,” and the book makes a cameo in the premiere.

 7. Laura Prepon originally auditioned for the role of Piper, and Uzo Aduba (Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren) originally auditioned for the part of Janae Watson (Vicky Jeudy). Aduba probably would have been great at the part because she was actually a track star growing up.
 8. Kate Mulgrew (Red) and Taylor Schilling (Piper) actually have previous experience acting together. Kate played the mother of Taylor on the TV series "Mercy" from 2009 to 2010. Mulgrew also played Captain Kathryn Janeway from "Star Trek." There was a Star Trek reference between her and Nicky where Red revealed she didn’t know who Spock was.
9. Laura Prepon’s "That ’70s Show" character Donna totally predicted Alex’s "Orange Is the New Black" fate. In the seventh episode of Season 8, Donna and her group of friends decide to steal the Fatso Burger mascot. She then realizes her mistake and says, "I could get arrested. I could go to a girl prison!"
 10. Matt McGorry (Officer Bennett) is in Shonda Rhimes’s drama “How to Get Away With Murder” on ABC, which stars Viola Davis. McGorry, ironically, is taking the opposite side of the law in the show.
 11. In the book on which the series is based, Kerman talks about the demographics in prison and says there was “one tiny Chinese woman in her sixties.” She has pink hair in real life.
 12. Lorraine Toussaint (Vee), Danielle Brooks (Taystee), and Samira Wiley (Poussey) are all Juilliard graduates. The latter two were only a year apart and knew each other well in school.
 13. Not only is Annie Golden (Norma) not mute in real life, she was actually a rockstar in a band called The Shirts.
14. Brooks told BuzzFeed she didn’t meet Teeka Duplessis, the actress who played Little Taystee, until after they shot all of her scenes, but the resemblance is uncanny. Brooks also revealed she actually isn’t good at mat14. Brooks told BuzzFeed she didn’t meet Teeka Duplessis, the actress who played Little Taystee, until after they shot all of her scenes, but the resemblance is uncanny. Brooks also revealed she actually isn’t good at math. Nor has she read any of the Harry Potter series, and she watched only a few of the movies after Taystee’s fandom was written into the script.
15. Pablo Schreiber, who plays “Pornstache” Mendez, is Liev Schrieber’s half-brother in real life.
 16. The cigarette lighter Taystee uses would actually create a fire in a real prison. Here's the link to the video that proves it: 

17. Actress Taryn Manning, who plays Pennsatucky, is first cousins with superstar NFL quarterbacks Eli and Peyton Manning.
 18. Black Cindy (Adrienne C. Moore) has a picture of Denzel Washington among her very limited possessions.
 19. Uzo Aduba and Lea DeLaria (Big Boo) were on Broadway together in 2011 in “Prometheus Bound.” And Aduba was about to quit acting when she was cast. Frustrated that she hadn't heard back from her audition, she decided to quit acting and go to law school instead. The very same day she "quit" acting, Aduba was offered the part of Crazy Eyes.
 20. The "Orange is the New Black" writers have revealed that they really like and reuse a very strange eggplant joke in the show.
21. Jodie Foster was a huge fan of the first season of "Orange is the New Black" and actually ended up directing the first episode of Season 2.
 22. Real Piper (Piper Kerman) wasn't in jail with Wolters, but she did actually get flown to Chicago to testify and that is the only time she saw her ex-girlfriend.
 23. There is an "American Pie" reference in the first episode of the series. Jason Biggs reveals how he always shares embarrassing facts about himself and actually hints at the events that happened to his character in the "American Pie" movies.
 24. Yael Stone, who plays Morello, is Australian in real life. But you would never know because she worked extensively with a voice coach to mask her accent.
 25. The real Alex Vause is named Catherine Cleary Wolters. While she has spoken out about some of the discrepancies and fallacies of the show, a subtle trait that most fans might miss is that the glasses Alex wears in the show are the exact same that Catherine wears in real life. But, Wolters also admitted that making the show about their real relationship would be “so wretched and stinky, it would quite possibly result in a collapsed universe. So I guess it’s a good thing Piper and Jenji stick with the fun little tidbits.”
26. You may have recognized the woman seated next to Piper on her flight to Chicago. She was played by Lori Petty, who was Kit Keller in "A League of Their Own."
 27. "Orange is the New Black" creator Jenji Kohan has quite a good range when it comes to television. She wrote an episode of "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" in 1994.
 28. In the first script, Aduba revealed that Crazy Eyes was described as “innocent like a child, except children aren’t scary.” She used that description to develop her character’s distinctive persona and mannerisms. As Aduba put it, “That felt like the key to the door that might open this character because someone who is innocent like a child, to me, meant somebody who operates out of impulse…who acts and then thinks. Children don’t have agendas. They’re not calculating.” She modelled her character off of her younger self.
 29. Jason Biggs’s character was watching "Weeds" in one episode, which was also created by this show’s creator Jenji Kohan. Funny enough, Natasha Lyonne, Pablo Schreiber and Michael Harney all made appearances on "Weeds."
 30. Beth Fowler, who plays Sister Ingalls, didn’t need to do much prep to play a nun. She was in Sister Act and Sister Act 2.

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