They Start To Dance, But Keep Your Undivided Attention On The Man In The Red Boots...

I used to love dancing when I was a child. Although I wasn’t very good at it, it was so fun to not have a worry in the world and have a way to express my joy as a child.
I’ve stopped dancing as much as I’ve become older, but I’m always on the look out for fun, unique dances on the Internet to share with my friends. When I found the following video, I knew that I had uncovered something special.

In this video, you’ll watch a group of Ukrainian dancers as they rehearse their Hopak dance solos. Hopak, also known as the Gopak or Cossack dance, is a solitary Ukrainian dance that is known as the “National Dance of Ukraine.”
At this point, you probably want to see the dance rather than hear me talk about it more. So sit back, hit play, and enjoy. You’re about to witness something truly special.
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[Source: Youtube]

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