They Built A Home In A Hill. One Step Inside, And My Jaw Instantly Dropped

 Villa Vals is one of the newest architecture ventures from Christian Miller Architects and SeARCH. Located inside a slope in Vals, Switzerland, the goal of the project was to design a house that was almost entirely hidden.
By creating an extended patio built directly within a hill, this house provides an excellent view of the Alpine Slopes. Utilizing a large number of strategically placed windows, the architecture is designed to receive a large amount of natural light despite the odd positioning of the building.
A set of stone steps lead up to the extended patio of the house. The front of the house is entirely round, adding to the incredibly unique nature of the architecture.
 The circular patio offers a perfect 360 degree view of the Alpine Slopes surrounding this house.
 Walls and steps made of stone lead from the patio to the other rooms.
 The kitchen features a modern design using wood accents.
 Going deeper into the house, staircases lead to more rooms featuring walls made of layered stone.
 The circular entrance creates a perfect window into the Alpine Slopes. The slight incline of the house allows it to be perfectly angled for the perfect view at all times, even during the heavy winter snow.
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