These Baby Twins Looks Identical, But Watch How Mom Dresses Them... HILARIOUS!

 Planning outfits for your newborn can be exciting, but having newborn twins make it doubly exciting to plan (even if it means having double the laundry). It just means you’ll have double the cuteness to admire. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites here. Have a look and bring your twinning game up a notch.
Brother Bear/Sister Bear
Those of you with fraternal twins, rejoice! This simple, but rustic-chic onesie will have your babies taking on the great outdoors in style. Pair with some bear-ear hats for un-bear-ably cute babies.

Birds of a feather flock together.

Maybe you’re feeling a touch more philosophical. Did your twins take this to heart while buddying up together for nine months?
 Drinking buddies
Your twins will always have each other to get into all sorts of mischief later on. This will ~definitely~ give them a push in the right direction… toward their milk bottles! Wink wink.
 Moon of My Life/ My Sun and Stars
This one is for you Game of Thrones fans out there. Let’s just hope it doesn’t stir up some epic battles for the Iron Throne. I mean, best spot on the sofa.
And speaking of television fandoms, here’s one for How I Met Your Mother fans. You can sit your twins down in these while you tell them the long-winded story of how you met your sweetheart fraught with romantic pitfalls and quirky friendships. Or maybe just let them watch the show.
 Ctrl + C / Ctrl + V
Everyone’s favorite computer shortcut combination. Teach your twins the importance of this valuable trick and make the nerdiest joke all in one go. It’s a win-win! 
 Team Awesome
Do you have an awesome family and you’d like everyone to know it? Look no further. Simple. Straightforward. Boom. No room for misunderstanding here.
Rock and Roll
Advertise the rock and roll side of your twins. Even if they mostly just rock and roll from side-to-side.
Hello World
These are a cute and colorful addition to your twins’ wardrobe to help your little rays of sunshine shine a little brighter.
 Player one/two
Proceed with caution. They might fight over who gets to be Player One.
There is an endless sea of possibilities for witty twins’ onesies. These are just the tip of the sartorial iceberg. Which one is your favorite? Tell us below!
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