The Way You Hug Your Partner Tells A Lot About Your Personality

#1 Your Hand In Their Pocket

You may be a little skeptical of their faithfulness if you place your hand in their pocket every time. Are you checking for numbers or a secret love letter from their side chick?

#2 Face To Face

Their eyes are your window to happiness, so you stare in them whenever you get the change. You're so deeply connected that it almost scares you!

#3 You're Mine

You guys are lovers/pals...and nothing will break your bond. You're tired of the typical hand holding, so you've resorted to something more noticeable.

#4 Pat On The Back

You may not be as into them as they are into you if you hold their back. This is incognito, and gives off a very friendly vibe in public. Father and daughter do this at times!

#5 I Got You

You're protective, and know what you have is special. There's no bigger sign that you have their back than to literally stand behind them!

#6 The Tight Hug

You never want to lose them, and dread the day you might drift apart. Holding on tight is the best way to prove you absolutely adore them, and would never let anything bad happen.

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