John Cena Bursts Out From Poster, Giving Fans The Surprise Of Their Lives

We’ve all seen that unexpected John Cena meme on the internet. Here it is in real life.

 The prank has been going on for some time, but now John Cena and Cricket Wireless are using it for good.

 If you’re a big YouTuber or are big into Vine, you’ve probably come across “unexpected John Cena”. It’s a mixture between a meme and a prank, with unrelated videos leading to a cacophonous appearance by the multi-time WWE Champion. Now, Cena has partnered with US carrier Cricket Wireless to bring the meme to life. WWE fans were brought into what they thought was an audition for a role as ambassador for a WWE-themed Cricket store.

In the background were decorations featuring the popular wrestler. As the fans were auditioning their hearts out, Cena burst through an image of his self, accompanied by two trumpeters. Hilarity ensues.

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[Source: Youtube]

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