The Internet Came Together After No One Showed Up To This Girl's 18th Birthday

A young girl with autism invited a load of her friends and classmates to a bowling party in July last year. Sadly, no-one turned up.

This year, Hallee Sorenson's cousin couldn't bear the idea of this happening again. So she shared this photo on Facebook in the hope that she wouldn't have to celebrate her 19th birthday alone.

The post went super viral, and, as a result, Hallee has received over 10,000 cards and presents in less than a week

Hallee's birthday isn't actually until 2 July, so there's loads more time for the Internet to do what is does best and show this girl the love that she clearly deserves.

Stuff.Nz has reported that there's so many cards and packages coming that they've had to bring them in trucks. Her aunt Robyn has thanked the public for their kindness and generosity. She said: "Our gratitude is hard to put into words.

"This is all reaffirming that most people are kind and loving, and that we all have the capacity for caring about others, even if they're many miles away.

"We're all extended family."

You can keep an eye on Hallee and her journey via a Facebook page that has been set up to showcase the kindness of strangers and the gratitude of the family. It's called 'Hallee's 19th Birthday'.

Things like this really do restore your faith in humanity.

Well done, Internet. And happy birthday, Hallee!

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