Teacher Gets Pregnant After Sleeping With 13-Year-Old Student

Child molestation is one of those crimes where, if committed, the perpetrator will have lost complete respect from all of society. It’s a crime unlike any other, and unfortunately still seems to be a problem in modern society. Meet Alexandria Vera, a former school teacher at Stovall Middle School in Houston, Texas, where she taught English.

While teaching her students had come across her Instagram and began following her, exchanging messages from time to time. Somewhere along those lines the relationship between student and teacher began to blur, and a whole lot of flirtation began.

What makes this twisted story even more sickening is that the parents of the child were not only AWARE of the situation between their boy and his teacher, but they actively allowed it! What’s more, there’s been reports that they were even in full support of the scenario…

 Come January, the continued sexual relationship between the two ended up in a pregnancy, one she was aiming to keep until end-of-term until someone started asking too many questions. Just one month after conception CPS paid a visit to the school in order to question Vera and the boy about what exactly their relationship was.

That interview made her so nervous that she went out and then had the pregnancy terminated entirely. After that, she was put on administrative leave and now a warrant was placed for her arrest.

Shortly after the issuance of a warrant Vera turned herself in and was released on bail. Hopefully we’ll be able to hear her side of the story, but I’m going to have to assume it’s going to go something along the lines of, “but we love each other!” What’s your guess?

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